Gnosall Parish Council

Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission. "To improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it."

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Gnosall is a large village 7 miles west of the County town of Stafford,. Staffordshire. Gnosall has a population appoximately 5,000.

Gnosall has various assets such as the 11th Century St Lawrence Church and a mediaval lockup.

Gnosall also has a country walk and known as the Boardwalk and a recreational area known as the Acres. The old Railway line running through Gnosall and now known as Route 55 is another country walk, making Gnosall a very healthy village to reside in.

On top of all that Gnosall has the Shropshire Union Canal running through it with two pubs aside the canal as well as two other public houses it is also a very social village.

Saying that, Gnosall has two social gathering centres, the Gnosall Memorial Village hall and the Grosvenor Centre

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